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Case Results

$3.2 Million settlement for a 25 year old volunteer who was raped by a resident of a transitional home for troubled teenagers.  The case involved claims of insufficient supervision and security.

$2.5 Million settlement for the estate of a woman who was mauled to death by several dogs that were returned to the owner by an animal shelter after being previously captured while roaming the neighborhood.

$780,000 settlement for a pedestrian who was hit by an off-duty ambulance making a right turn at a stop sign.  Plaintiff suffered head and back injuries as a result of the low-speed collision.

$600,000 settlement for an 82 year old local man who tripped and fell from an airline jet bridge while exiting an aircraft in San Francisco on his way back to Philadelphia.  Despite his advanced age, plaintiff made a very good medical recovery after falling almost 10 feet to the tarmac.

$500,000 settlement for a delivery truck driver who was injured when a forklift operator improperly manipulated and dropped a pallet of various materials onto his lower leg and foot.

$330,000 settlement for a teenager who was riding on the handlebars of a bicycle that was hit by a car at night.  The driver of the car and the bicycle paid their respective insurance policy limits, and plaintiff also collected the policy limits of the applicable underinsured motorist policy.

$300,000 settlement for a daycare worker who fell an icy playground sidewalk due to insufficient salting.  Although the sidewalk was shoveled days prior, melting and re-freezing of the surrounding snow piles occurred during the days leading up to the incident.  The defendant corporation did not own the playground but maintained and utilized it for years, subjecting it to liability.

$285,000 settlement for a senior citizen who sued the City for a lower leg fracture due to a pothole in the street that caused him to fall from his bicycle. 

$250,000 settlement reached for a 31-year-old woman who fell walking up steps in a grocery store.  The plaintiff suffered an ankle injury and a back injury which required surgery to implant a spine stimulator.

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